Solgenia FACSys

Solgenia® FACSys™ is a complete line of fax routing solutions ranging from turnkey appliances to enterprise-level software. Robust fax routing and delivery engines, FACSys solutions automate the flow of fax messages to ensure secure, efficient delivery of fax information to email inbox's and network repositories.

FACSys enables users to transmit and receive faxes directly through desktop and enterprise applications, a desktop client, a browser interface, and email client software.

High-performance fax server for mission-critical communication
With support for up to 96 lines, Facsys Enterprise is for organizations that depend heavily on fax for business communications. The solution includes virtually all of the connectors and gateways that Avantune offers at no additional charge.

Enterprise servers can be deployed in a cluster with load balancing and automatic failover to provide the highest level of availability. Fax messages can be written to multiple, clustered SQL databases for archive redundancy as well.