Kuando Products

Busylight is a 3 in 1 solution

It rings and flashes on incoming calls preventing missed calls

The busylight software (Skype4B) provides valuable hot key functions for easy call handling.

It provides visual presence to the open office Stopping interruptions

It comes in 2 different designs:

Alpha - with a smart click ON/OFF system for monitors/ laptops
Omega - with a bigger light for cubicles etc.


Multi color LED light
Built in speaker
Memory chip with ringtones & IM tone
USB connected (HID device)
3 meter cord

Product description

Busylight for desk phones and headsets
Kuando Busylight Combi is compatible with 90% of all Desk phones and headsets.
It is not compatible with Mobile Phones
It is not compatible with Softphones and USB headsets

Product description

The KuandoBOX connects to the phone and computer to update user’s “presence status” in Skype4B / Lync when talking on the desk phone, thus unifying their presence.

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Product description

Compatible with Jabra GN9300 Series, Jabra PRO 9400 Series, Jabra LINK 850 and Jabra Motion Office

Eliminate interruptions when on a call.