Busylight Combi

Product description

Busylight for desk phones and headsets
Kuando Busylight Combi is compatible with 90% of all Desk phones and headsets.
It is not compatible with Mobile Phones
It is not compatible with Softphones and USB headsets

2-in-1 solution

Headset in use - lights up red when using the headset
Do not disturb - Lights up blue (manually) when heads down work

Kuando Busylight Combi is for everyone who needs to concentrate at work without being interrupted.

Daily distractions and unwanted interruptions in the open office environment result in lost efficiency and poor work quality. The Kuando Busylight Combi is a polite, effective way to let people know you are in a call or need to concentrate without being interrupted.

The major load of interruptions among colleagues are killing the workers ability to perform. The interruptions are exhausting the employees. The consequences– in general - employees are becoming more and more ineffective and frustrated. The Busylight concept is an office environment solution. It is all about creating the needed surroundings for employees to maintain their job in the open office.

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