Migrate; Don't Rip and Replace

Many enterprises migrating to Skype for Businuess Enterprise Voice have an existing base of IP-PBXs already in place, performing the same sorts of call functionality provided by Enterprise Voice. In these cases, most enterprises don't choose to perform a "rip and replace" wholesale replacement of the existing infrastructure in favor of a Skype for Businuess Enterprise Voice infrastructure. The SBC plays a vital intermediation role and can provide SIP normalisation, transcoding, and transrating to allow a smooth integration between Enterprise Voice and the IP-PBX.

Multi-vendor Interoperability

Sonus SBCs are deployed throughout the world in a variety of environments, supporting Skype for Businuess Enterprise Voice and a wide range of IP-PBXs and legacy TDM-PBX systems in different configurations. Sonus has a broad range of compatibility and interoperability in the industry. No matter what your legacy situation is or how you're transitioning to Skype for Businuess Voice, Sonus has you covered.

Centralized Policy Management

Sonus SBCs can be centrally managed. Whether an enterprise (or service provider) needs two SBCs or 20, a single set of policies and configurations can be established one time and sent to all locations with one action, which means lower expenses for IT and better/faster results for users.