Robust Enterprise Voice with Survivability

For enterprises with more than one location — which is pretty much all medium and large enterprises — there is a design factor that both increases the efficiency and cost savings of the Enterprise Voice deployment and creates a vulnerability in the system. In particular, branch sites typically depend on a central site for call control and connections to the PSTN because the front- and back-end servers and often the Mediation Server, as well, are located in the central site (usually the main office). So users in branch sites depend on processing that occurs in the central site(s) for their UC connectivity. The main safeguard against these types of outages is the installation of "survivable" equipment in branch sites.

Rapid Recovery

Outages happen. Hopefully (and in most cases) not very often, but in real life they do happen. Sonus SBCs are built to make the disruption of an outage a minor rather than a major event. For example, Sonus SBCs typically include redundant power supplies, so a failure of a power supply can be handled without a hitch. And if something external to the SBC causes the outage (such as an outage of the enterprise WAN connection), Sonus SBCs are ready. Sonus SBCs continually monitor the health of the network, "pinging" other nodes in the network to ensure that links are up and running. If a failure occurs, the Sonus SBC automatically attempts to find alternate routes to complete calls without the end-user ever knowing that there's a problem. In branch sites, the Sonus SBC can automatically reroute calls to the PSTN (or even to a mobile network) when the IP network goes down, giving the user the service they need without disruption.

Survivability for Branch Sites

It's the role of the Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) to provide resiliency and survivability for Skype for Businuess Enterprise Voice branch sites. When a branch's communications are provided through a Skype for Businuess server in the central site, the loss of Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity can leave branch offices with neither internal nor external communications capabilities. Whether you need branch office survivability through a PSTN or 3G/4G connection, Sonus has you covered.