Sonus Cloud Link for Microsoft CCE

Sonus Cloud Link is an integrated appliance solution that combines Sonus’ award winning SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 session border controllers running embedded Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition software. Sonus Cloud Link provides a complete solution to enable enterprises to transition from traditional voice deployments to a Microsoft Skype for Business implementation whether on-premises or in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX.

Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition

Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition is software that is used to connect an enterprise’s telephony environment with Office 365 Cloud PBX. Cloud Connector Edition provides local access to the PSTN as an alternative to Microsoft’s PSTN access in the cloud, which is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Microsoft may not offer cloud PSTN access in some regions/jurisdictions
  • Enterprises often have existing contracts with Service Providers that may be difficult or costly to terminate early
  • Enterprises may choose to remain with their current Service Provider regardless of the availability of the Microsoft cloud-based PSTN access

Sonus Cloud Link

Sonus Cloud Link integrates Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition in a single, flexible and secure appliance that reduces CAPEX associated with server hardware and software procurement and implementation. Sonus Cloud Link also preserves existing PSTN connectivity, supports legacy PBXs and analog devices, and provides an enterprise-wide legacy dial plan and Active Directory dial plan integration to help customers migrate to Office 365 Cloud PBX at their own pace with no disruptive cutover. Powered by Sonus’ SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 session border controllers, Sonus Cloud Link delivers robust security features to prevent unauthorized access and preserve communications through hacker attacks.

Simple to install, easy to configure

Sonus Cloud Link comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition software and all necessary licenses required to install the solution, saving time and cost associated with sourcing servers and software separately. Additionally, the included Cloud Connector Edition GUI Setup Wizard significantly reduces the complexity and time needed to configure Cloud Connector Edition, enabling fast and efficient deployments.

Sonus Cloud Link features

  • Support up to 500 concurrent Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition managed calls in a single, secure, 1U appliance
  • Easy-to-use Web GUI Setup Wizard for rapid provisioning and management
  • Call Admission Control (CAC) to deny excessive calls based on session establishment rate per trunk group
  • Advanced call routing features such Active Directory integration, onboard call forking (“forks” a single call from any source to multiple destinations, including legacy PRI/FXS/FXO/BRI-based endpoints), and other flexible routing options
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise telephony infrastructure
  • Interconnects Skype for Business Cloud PBX to SIP, TDM and analog PSTN-bound trunks to support on-premises Service Provider connectivity with a wide variety of SIP and legacy port interfaces

Sonus Cloud Link benefits

  • Reliable, scalable performanceTolly® tested performance that reliably and repeatedly scales to maximum capacity without reboots, call drops, or other system anomalies; expands up to 16 PRI, 600 SBC sessions, 48 FXS, and numerous other port configuration options unmatched by alternative solutions
  • Certified securityMiercom® certified platform protects VoIP infrastructure from intrusion and denial of service, maximizing uptime
  • Ease of use3rd party validated simple, intuitive user interface, management and operation, including onboard network easy configuration wizard, and on-line product documentation accessible directly through Sonus Cloud Link device Web-based GUI
  • Investment protection - Sonus Cloud Link architecture supports TDM/analog migration to SIP trunking without port or DSP (digital signal processors) hardware upgrades; expansion is available remotely through a simple license upgrade, no onsite technician visits required
  • Optimizes Skype for Business User Experience – Integration with Nectar Unified Communication Management Platform (UCMP) maximizes Skype for Business client quality of experience (QoE) by pinpointing call degradation issues in real-time, allowing for troubleshooting/resolution to take place before the user is adversely affected