SBC SWe Software edition


  • Maximum IP-IP Calls: Unlimited
  • Media Transcoding: Media Transcoding
  • H323/SIP Interworking: H323/SIP Interworking
  • TLS/SRTP Support: TLS/SRTP Support

The Sonus SBC SWe (Software edition) is the industry's first software-based Session Border Controller (SBC) architected to deliver unlimited scalability with the same advanced features and functionality of the Sonus SBC 5000 family of products on a virtualized platform – without compromise. The SBC SWe features the same code base, media transcoding and security technology found in Sonus' award-winning hardware-based Sonus SBC 5000 Session Border Controller series. The only difference is how customers choose to deploy it: on industry-standard servers, in virtualized environments or as a hosted service. The SBC SWe operates seamlessly with the existing Sonus SBC product portfolio.

  • Rapidly extend interworking capabilities with just a license
  • Deliver the same advanced SBC functionality and features to small, medium and large businesses anywhere in the world
  • Deliver hosted SBC services from a virtual environment for scalable performance at a flexible price
  • Deploy SBC services into new regions without a truck roll

One Common Code Base

The SBC SWe features the same code base and firmware used in the Sonus SBC 5000 series, and it is directly built on top of the proven Sonus SBC feature set, including carrier-class redundancy to ensure service continuity.

Virtualized Session Border Control

The software can be deployed on existing servers in a virtual machine environment for greater scalability and efficiency. The portability and flexibility of the SBC SWe solution makes it the ideal choice for customers and partners that have invested in virtualization technology, require prepackaged "solutions in a box," require remote network deployments, smaller enterprises and opportunities such as entering a new geographic market where deploying a hardware solution would be impractical or cost prohibitive.

Deployment Flexibility

The SBC SWe does not require a physical footprint and can be remotely installed and managed, it offers increased flexibility compared to hardware-based solutions in terms of redundancy planning to mitigate the effects of network outages and natural disasters.

The SBC SWe gives enterprise customers the high-performance SBC capabilities they want—robust security, superior voice and video quality, centralized policy management, broad interoperability for Unified Communications—without paying a high upfront price. For larger enterprise customers requiring a physical SBC in their data centers, the Sonus SBC SWe enables them to extend the same SBC capabilities to their remote locations and branch offices without deploying more hardware at each location.

High Performance

  • Exceptional scalability beginning at 25 sessions with unlimited scale
  • Unique processing design for security that results in no impact on session performance
  • Fast call setup rates
  • High availability

Network Security

  • Session-aware firewall with topology hiding
  • IPsec, SRTP and TLS encryption
  • Protection against SIP-based network threats including malformed packets, denial of service (DoS)/distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and Rogue RTP messages

Robust Media Services

  • High-speed transcoding for legacy and new voice codecs including G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729A/B, iLBC
  • Support for Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) services
  • Video codec relay

Broad Interoperability

  • Signaling interoperability between H.323, SIP, SIP-I and SIP-T devices
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall support
  • SIP message manipulation (SMM) and SIP normalization tools
  • Support for a wide variety of industry-standard protocols, including IPv4/IPv6, DNS/ENUM, UDP, TCP and RTP/RTCP

Advanced Policy and Routing Features

  • Embedded routing capabilities
  • Configurable routing policies based on prioritization, least cost, leading digit, URI, quality of service, time-of-day/week, etc.